CALITERRA WINES 100% VEGAN FROM 2022 VINTAGE - Caliterra | Caliterra
7 July, 2022


In our constant quest for innovation, excellence in quality of our wines and improvement in our winemaking processes, and carefully scoping the consumer trends that are strengthening worldwide, we are proud to announce that as of the current 2022 vintage, all of our wines will be vegan and vegetarian friendly. Our complete process -from vineyard to bottle, including winemaking- will consider only vegan supplies and therefore any ingredient or supply of animal origin will be excluded.

Although wine is a natural alcoholic beverage obtained by fermentation of

grape juice, during the winemaking process fining agents can be used to remove any undesired residual particles that appear naturally.

Animal-based products, such as egg albumin, casein, fish oil or quinine, among others, which help eliminate natural impurities from wine, will be discarded and replaced by vegetable alternatives if necessary. It is worth mentioning that the elaboration of our wines is carried out with minimal intervention and avoiding the unnecessary use of supplies, resulting in wines of greater purity and elegance.