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13 October, 2021

Harvest season 2021 in our vineyard

  • Harvest season 2021 Harvest season 2021

The season at Caliterra began warmer in October, but it was adjusted to an average year in November and December. Subsequently, the tendency changed entirely in January and February, making them perhaps the coldest months recorded in Colchagua Valley.

Furthermore, heavy rain of 100 mm surprised us in summer. However, luckily the climate changed in March and April, giving the optimal conditions for the fruit’s ripening. Finally, the season ended up with a heat summation of 3.2% lower than historical, totaling 1,579 DG, aligning with the area’s Mediterranean climate. This allowed excellent health conditions in the fruit due to the good viticultural management and the team’s experience.

In this climatic context, the grapes’ ripening showed a delay of only 10 to 15 days than average; however, it is expected to be a year of excellent quality for the grapes as for the wines—a very complex but beautiful vintage without a doubt.

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