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14 July, 2022

The 2022 vintage highlights in Caliterra

Now that the 2022 season has already concluded and its wines are taking shape in the cellar, it is moment to share some key insights to what the recent harvest was like in the Caliterra vineyard in the words of Rodrigo Zamorano, Caliterra Winemaker:

“Just as it happened last season (spring 2020), this season we witnessed one more time a warmer than usual spring, corresponding to the September – October 2021 period. Nevertheless, and just as it happened last growing season, the following months this trend was reversed, becoming a fresher than normal vintage. This condition delivered us wines of a very nice and lovely color, accompanied by intense fruitiness and more moderate and elegant structures in the palate. Without a doubt, we are witnessing an outstanding vintage for second consecutive year in our Caliterra vineyard.”

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