18 January, 2024

With its best wines and innovative cocktails, Viña Caliterra takes part in the 9th version of Cocktail Festival


On 10 and 11 January, Viña Caliterra took part in La Coctelera Festival 2024, an event that brought together the best of Chilean mixology in just one place.

In an environment featuring more than 60 stands, bars, food trucks and live music, the winery surprised attendees at this open air summer festival with its wines and cocktail specials prepared using its Caliterra Reserva range:

  • CALI FIZZ: Caliterra Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, passionfruit pulp and soda water.
  • PIÑA TERRA: Caliterra Reserva Chardonnay, pineapple pulp and lemon.
  • CALI MENTA: Caliterra Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, mint, orange juice and soda water.
  • TERRA TINTA: Caliterra Reserva Carmenere, berry syrup, cinnamon, and soda water.

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